Coffee Vending Machines For Sale: Where To Get The Best Deals

By Paul Carabis | Coffee Blog

Dec 17

A coffee vending machine in your place of business can save you a lot of money and these days coffee vending machines aren’t as complicated as they might seem. Even better, they come in many different styles, sizes and prices so you can find one to suit your business’s needs.

Coffee Vending Machine Buying Guide

How coffee vending machines work

A coffee vending machine like an Evolution Freshbrew or an Astro Espresso might seem more complicated, but it isn’t much more complicated than a regular coffee machine. The machine simply combines ingredients that have been loaded in advance.

Different machines require different ingredients. Some require pre-ground coffee beans, others require pre-ground coffee beans which have been freeze dried to keep flavour, and others use instant granules which produce lower quality drinks but are much cheaper.

Once the machine has received payment an integrated boiler brings the water inside almost to a boil and then pours it through a chamber containing the coffee beans or instant granules, where it mixes and gains flavour. This mixture is left in the chamber for a short period of time to brew.

Now fully brewed, the coffee is poured into a cup with the appropriate amount of milk and sugar.

Used coffee grounds are automatically tipped into a waste container which must be emptied by hand on a regular basis. How often depends on the specifications of your exact machine and how much it is used from day to day.

In cup machines

Most coffee vending machines require the user to put an insulated coffee cup under the spout, but these machines deliver your drinks already in a cup. Typically you will have to buy the appropriate size cup directly from the company that makes the machine. These cups are stored inside the machine along with the regular ingredients.

Manual coffee vending machines

Manual coffee vending machines are typically much cheaper and come in two varieties. The most common type of mechanical coffee vending machine automatically puts hot water in a mixing chamber but requires you to press an insulated cup against the spout to make the water flow.

Even more basic coffee vending machines are really more like hot water dispensers and require users to drop instant coffee granules directly into their cups.


Most coffee vending machines are leased by the company they’re manufactured by, which means it’s usually the company’s job to maintain them. Every maintenance visit should include emptying the cash drawer, reconciling proceeds against sales, emptying the waste chamber, clean all chambers, refill ingredients. They should also perform any necessary repairs to keep the machine running smoothly.

Make sure you read all the details of the maintenance policy that comes with the machine you’re looking at leasing so you know exactly what to expect and can be absolutely sure they’re taking proper care of your machine.

Where to buy a coffee vending machine?

Your best bet is to go straight to the commercial manufacturers directly. This gives you access to 24/7 customer service, free setup and customizable machine options(such as different types of beverages).

Coffee Vending Machine Sellers

Below are some websites where you can find further information:

Alternatively you can get a coffee vending machine from an online auction site. This will often save you money on the upfront purchase. is generally a fantastic online retailer to purchase products through. Here are some of the recommended vending machines available at

Best Coffee Vending Machines

Cheaper Option

Teatimedg-700fm (6.5 Ounces) Automatic Mini Vending Machine Coffee Maker

Low-Priced Option

Wilbur Curtis Café Primo Cappuccino 3 Station Cappuccino Machine

Mid-Priced Option

Wilbur Curtis Café Primo Cappuccino with Lightbox 4 Station Cappuccino Machine

Top of Range Type Option

Wilbur Curtis G3 System 6 Station Cappuccino Machine

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