Breville 800ESXL Triple Priming Die Cast Espresso Machine Review

By Paul Carabis | Breville

Aug 25

Breville 800ESXL Review

As espresso enthusiasts we know that a professional espresso machine can put a gaping hole in our wallets. Luckily for us, the Breville 800ESXL Triple Priming Die Cast Espresso machine was created with the depth of our pockets in mind. Equipment of this grade is usually found sitting behind the registers we seem to fill on a daily basis. Did we mention Breville, an Australian company, was the first to come up with the sandwich toaster back in 1974? True geniuses indeed.

If you were able to master the Breville 800ESXL Triple Priming Die Cast Espresso machine in one breath, you deserve a caffeine boosted applause. That being said, it is sleek and professional design will make you feel like you are a skilled barista behind a marble counter. It has been called a functional show piece because of its modern presence and boasts flavor extraction that will have your neighbors ditching their Starbucks run and lining up at your front door. Who really wants their neighbors knocking at their door though? We recommend politely referring them here.

What Makes it Different?

This mouthful of a machine has a thermoblock heating system to give that perfectly temperature shot. Its 15 bar Italian made pump and dual crema system creates flavor that has us taking shots of espresso like a first semester college student. It has a 4 and ½” cup clearance, so that even caffeine enthusiasts can enjoy the completeness of the machine.

We know that you, just like us, really want to indulge in the espresso lifestyle, but finding a decently priced quality machine can be difficult. This coffee shop beauty runs about $700 less than its competitors and offers the same qualities. Let’s take a break from our boring coffee and look at some details that the 800ESXL Triple Priming Die Cast Espresso machine uses to fill our cups.

Product Details

  • Coffee Compatibility: Ground coffee only
  • Frother: Yes, with swivel steam wand and removable froth enhancer.
  • Hot Water: Yes.
  • Pressure System: 15 Bar Italian Pump
  • Pressure Power: 110-120 Volts, 1200 Watts
  • Boiler Size: N/A
  • Wait Time: None
  • Water Level Detection: Yes, with indicator.
  • Removable Tank: Yes.
  • Tank Capacity: 75 fl.oz (2.2L)
  • Auto Power Off System: No
  • Body Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Grinder: Not included
  • Size: 12 x 10 x 12 ½  inches
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Indicator Lights/Buttons: Heating light, Power light and button, Hot Water button, Steam button

Breville decided to overachieve and include a Pre Infusion function that releases three bursts of water to moisten your ground coffee. It expands the coffee to release the fullest flavor from your morning beans. As if that did not already have our tastebuds dancing, they added a cup warming tray ensuring that even when we are in running a little behind, we will have a hot beverage waiting for us.

Breville 800ESXL Reviews

User Rating: The ratings of this device are very good overall with the majority of users rating it very highly. A great sign!

“A good little espresso machine , I have had this model now for a 3 years , has been reliable . The only thing I do not like about it , is the steaming wand , it doesn’t froth the milk as well as I would like and introduces a fair amount of water to the milk . Still that aside it has been a awesome little machine . It produces a nice crema , of which I am no barista artist , so fancy designs on the top of my lattes 😉 . I would recommend this to anyone who is frustrated with the Mr.Coffee and others similar to it , this is an awesome upgrade and will turn your own kitchen into a coffee bar .” Source

“This machine is awesome. Doesn’t leave you with a dry puck but so what. Very easy to clean and use. Let you control the extraction time so you can make the espresso lighter or darker which also allows you to use your beans most efficiently since I make a semi Americano. I extract a lighter brew instead of just straight hot water. Love this machine. Get one.” Source

“I have not been fortunate enough to own this, but I have access to one at work. I really love the features of this machine. There are so many options for various beverages. I can customize them to the exact specifications of my local coffee shop for a fractions less. This machine is very durable and has lasted our company 2 years with use daily by multiple workers. There has not been a performance issue to date with it. Its an attractive unit and the only complaint I would have is the learning curve required to use it. Since it has so many functions, it takes time to perfect your beverage.” Source

People seem to love it! Which is great because like you, we always get concerned when products like this are priced so much lower than its competitors. Really, it could be priced like some of the $1,000+ machines but it isn’t and comes WITH a warranty, where can you go wrong?

Similar Products

We warned you, this machines price puts the others to shame. Some comparable products like the Dream Up Version 2 Espresso machine offer very similar features but runs a bit steeper at $750. If you have a habit of going ‘top of the line’ Breville has also released and upgraded version of this for only $450 with a name that still tangles the tongue, the BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine.

Final Thoughts

We keep saying it, because it’s true. If you are new to the espresso game, this is where you start. It is the ‘Start Go and Collect $200’ machine. One thing we would recommend, because the tamper seems to be the only slight issue, is that you check out the 51mm Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper. It is an inexpensive and sexy solution that fits with style. Other than that, we really hope we helped you find the best bang for your buck. Was saving $700 okay?

Find out more info and read user reviews about the Breville 800ESXL Triple Priming Die Cast Espresso Machine

5 Breville Espresso Machines Compared

Breville is known for its high quality products and promoting user convenience. The company offers excellent options when it comes to espresso machines. From, the entry level models to the top of the line ones, Breville will always have something for your taste and budget. This article will round up the company’s top five espresso machines to help you find the best one for your needs.

Breville BES840XL

This model uses an infuser technology that gives the perfect brew. It is compact in size, occupying only 10 inches of your kitchen countertop. It is efficient, quiet, and easy to clean. The only possible drawback is the absence of a built-in grinder, meaning you have to ground the beans before pouring them into this machine. While the water tank is a bit small, its instant heating feature lets you have more drink options.

BES980XL Oracle

The Oracle is a superb choice when it comes to efficiency. It has auto-grinding and –tampering features that ensure a flavorful double espresso. It is also capable of purging the steam wand in each fill, which can come in handy if you hate cleaning the residue. The double boilers work great in cutting your coffee making time by half, too, perfect for busy people.


This one comes with great features that ensure the best possible brew for you. It has an over-pressure valve that limits the extraction pressure. The stainless steel boilers and pumps allow for simultaneous espresso extraction and steaming, while the PID temperature control ensures the water is always in optimal heat. Other incredible features include the LCD display, the removable water tank, and instant water heater.

BES870XL Barista Express

This Barista Express machine is a popular model in the brand’s product line. This mid-range model has the following features: a 15-bar pump pressure, stainless steel grinder, removable water tank, sealed bean hopper, and a cleaning kit. It offers users a hands-free feature that brews the freshest espresso in minutes. It also comes with a swivel steam want that makes you feel like a true barista.

Cafe Roma ESP8XL

The Cafe Roma measures only nine square inches wide, and 12 inches tall, perfect for people with small kitchens. It is made of stainless steel to make it last longer. This machine comes with a frothing jug, a plastic tamper, and two stainless steel cups. The frother works great and the milk comes out hot enough to not cool down your cup of coffee.

 Espresso Machine Buying Guide

If you want to enjoy the best espresso at home or in your office, then you’ve got to buy an excellent espresso machine.  This may not be easy considering the great number of espresso machines in the market and if you’re not familiar with the technology they use.

The first thing you need to consider is what type of espresso machine you need.  Traditional steam-driven machines are recommended for those who will only be making a cup or two of espresso for themselves at home.  They are also the most budget-friendly option.  For those who like to entertain at home or for espresso connoisseurs, semi-automatic espresso machines are ideal.  These are priced at mid-range but offer more features and options, plus you have more control over the taste of your espresso.   The last type is the super-automatic espresso machine which is perfect if you’re constantly on the go but just can’t go without your daily espresso.  With this machine, brewing is quick, convenient and easy.  Next, you need to check for the features you need and the quality of the parts.

Here’s a quick guide to the some of the features of espresso machines that you should look at:

  1. Portafilter

Weightier and sturdier portafilters provide more superior quality.  Depending on your needs, you can choose a machine with more advanced features in the portafilter, such as pod adapters or two sprouts.

  1. Pressure bar

The pressure bar is essential in helping you take note of the internal pressure in the machine.

  1. Steam or frothing wand

The steam wand is used to add milk to your espresso but this is something that requires more finesse and practice.

  1. Grinder

Some machines include an in-built grinder so you don’t have to buy your own.  This helps you save space and it’s also more convenient.

Other things to consider

  1. Safety features

Just like any appliance, an espresso machine when handled incorrectly may cause accidents such as burns.  To avoid these, you can also opt for a machine with all or any of the following:  an indicator light, a pressure bar, and a thermostat to keep track of the temperature.

  1. Ease of Use

Depending on your skill, knowledge and preference, you might want to consider machines that are easier to master and no trouble to clean.

  1. Warranty

The warranty period is important to avoid problems with replacing or repairing your costly machine.  The kind of customer service your espresso machine manufacturer offers is also significant since you won’t want to have a hard time looking for help in troubleshooting any issues.

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