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Jan 23
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Espresso is well-loved by a lot of people for the strong energy it gives to kick-start their day. If you have been one of the many people relying on coffee shops for daily espresso shots, then you should consider purchasing your own machinery. These beautiful kitchen counter-top espresso machines can offer you a less costly way of sipping your cup of energy shot. While looking for the best Italian espresso machine can be complicated and overwhelming, this buying guide will make you realize that the search is easier than you think.


Important Tips to Note

Looks count. Espresso machines come in various designs that target different end-users. The overall look of the machine is important as it could help you locate functions easily, as well as accentuate your kitchen. No matter how big or small your budget is, you need to consider how well the espresso machine is designed.

Consistency is key. You need to know the machine’s quality. How frequent does it produce good espresso shots? The layer of foam that you see on top of the espresso is called crema. It is important to check how well-formed this layer is, and how long it took for the sugar granules to sink.

Convenience is another factor that you need to consider. It is one of the main reasons why people purchase electronic items. You can easily purchase a cup of espresso from your favorite coffee shop, but what if you can do it yourself at the comfort of your home? When purchasing the best Italian espresso machine, you need to check its usability. Espresso cups should always be warmed before use, so it is also ideal to have a machine with a cup warmer.

The amount of space that the machine will consume should also be assessed. Most Italian espresso machines are bulky in size, but there are other models that are less space-consuming. You need to consider how much countertop space is available to accommodate your new machine, so you will not have any problem positioning it in your kitchen later on.

Italian espresso machines often range from $180 to $1,000. Average models usually cost around $250, but the higher-end ones have a price tag beginning at $700. Think about the features you need to create the best espresso shot to complete your day. It is always best to invest in a high-quality machine as it saves you from early repairs. Make sure that the machine you will buy is worth the money.


The Best Italian Espresso Machines Identified

Once you have noted down the tips shared above, you can now choose among these investment-worthy Italian espresso machines:


  • La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso Machine

This machine may seem old-fashioned, but it assures you that you will have one of the best espresso shots ever. Made of heavy-duty steel, this long-lasting Italian espresso machine can keep you company for many years. It has a chrome-finish for that classic overall look.

You will also see a frother outlet that is fixed in place, while the tank is big enough to help you make around four to six espresso cups in one go. This is a fully-manual machine. It will take time to get used to adjusting the heat and pressure, but you can eventually create your perfect espresso shot with constant practice.

This Italian espresso machine is one of the lower-end models that promise high quality results. The design is simple, and you can create your own espresso shot with ease. This semi-automatic espresso machine has a pod adaptor filter in the twist handle that lets you use ready-to-brew pods. You can use ground coffee, as well. The machine allows you to freely control the brewing process through the button that lights up when it is ready to use.

  • DeLonghi Automatic Compact Espresso Machine

This Italian espresso machine is small in size, but has tons of features and options to offer. One of its best features include the integrated grinder. It grinds the coffee beans before the brewing process for that optimum taste.

In addition, this fully-automatic machine has a front control panel that you can use to play around with the length and strength of your espresso cup, and the ground size to use. It is also equipped with a flexible froth maker, which allows you to make froth for cappuccinos and lattes as the coffee is being prepared.

  • Breville Dual-Boiler Espresso Machine

This machine has dual-espresso pumps and dual-stainless boilers that work perfectly at the same time. It also offers adjustable pressure valve, and temperature controls, so you can have that perfect brew. While it usually takes some time to get the settings right for the best resuts, this machine just simplifies the entire brewing process. You can check the LCD screen display when you need descaling as it provides details on what you have to do. With such amazing features to offer, it is no wonder why this machine made it to this list.

  • La Pavoni Professional-Grade Espresso Machine

This Italian espresso machine was originally designed for commercial and industrial use, but was later adapted for home use. It only means that this machine will last for many years, especially with proper care. You may have to constantly practice in order to find that perfect brew, but doing so with this machine will be the best decision that you will make. The twist handle offers two nozzles, allowing you to either make yourself a double espresso or two perfect cups at the same time. It also features a milk froth maker for your latte or cappuccino.

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