10 Best Espresso Machines Under $1000 Reviewed (Some Under $700)

By Paul Carabis | Price Range $1000+

Apr 06
best espresso machine under 1000 dollars

Being meticulous at making your own coffee makes you meticulous at choosing the coffee maker you want to own. The best kinds, however, would start at prices that you wouldn’t want to hear. But there are lots of options you can use when selecting the right coffee making machine and it starts with the diversity of a product and the next you have to worry about is the price.

Best Espresso Machine Under $1000

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic

You ask us why?

  1. It has easy-to-use rotary and push button control panel with programmable menu settings
  2. Grinds beans instantly with compact and easy-to-clean “Direct-to-Brew” system
  3. Professional-quality, conical low-pitch burr grinder with adjustable grind size most favored by many users

There are units sold at a high $3000 mark but you don’t have to go this far; there are others sold just below $1000 which function just the same as what the more expensive units are capable of providing.

Best Espresso Machines Under $1000

ProductBest FeaturesUser FeedbackPrice LevelOur Rating
Rancilio Silvia Espresso MachineErgonomic portafilter handle with classic linear design, commercial grade group head with articulating steam wandVery goodAffordable4.3 / 5 - Our 2nd Rated Product
DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine < Click to View At Amazon.comPatented "Cappuccino System" frother with easy-to-use rotary & programmable menu settings, easy-to-clean "Direct-to-Brew" systemVery goodAffordable4.4 / 5 - Our Top Pick
Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk FrotherEasy insert/eject capsules, holds 10 used capsules, removable 34-ounce water tank exclusive for Nespresso coffee capsulesVery goodCheap4.2 / 5
KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Coffee MakerFully automatic compact 1450-watt machine with built-in metal conical burr grinder, user-friendly control panel with intuitive LCD screen & Thermoblock heating technology Very goodAffordable3.7 / 5
Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless SteelCoffee/espresso machine with 72-oz removable water reservoir. stainless-steel housing with brass portafilters GoodCheap3.9 / 5
VonShef Premium Stainless Steel 1050W 15 Pump Espresso Coffee Maker MachineCreates coffee house standard drinks with built in cup warming plate, steaming feature with detachable drip tray & removable 1.5L water tankGoodCheap3.5 / 5
La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso MachineIdeal for home coffee specialty drinks with sturdy all-steel construction in heavy chrome platingVery goodAffordable4.1 / 5
Philips Saeco HD8745/57 Chrome Espresso MachineMemo function adjustable ceramic grinders, easy cleaning and maintenance, Saeco Descaling Liquid for limescale build-up, GoodAffordable3.9 / 5
Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso MachineAutomatic espresso machine with stainless steel-lined brewing boiler & additional steaming boiler, 18 adjustable grind settingsGoodAffordable3.9 / 5
KRUPS EA8442 Falcon Fully Automatic Espresso MachineRevolutionary compact Thermoblock system, color touchscreen display, metallic conical burr grinder with manual knob GoodAffordable3.7 / 5

10. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Espresso Machine


The Rancilio HSD-Silvia espresso machine has a sleek and elegant design that befits a device listed on the upper price bracket. It is featured with the same ergonomic portafilter handle like its expensive counterparts, a commercial grade group head that hastens up heat stability, and an articulating steam wand.

With a linear design, it complements any kitchen decor. Its single boiler holds 0.3 liters (12 oz). The steam wand provides optimal range of motion when steaming milk. This ensures milk is heated quickly, with the right control over foam; allowing you to switch between lattes and cappuccinos with ease. Its ergonomic portafilter handle offers optimal extraction to produce the most aromatic shot of espresso. This has a medium range price.

9. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic


This Delonghi model is heavier than other espresso machines but its weight is due to the vast features added to this machine. It features a “cappuccino system” frother which combines steam and milk, a modernized control panel plus menu options; a “direct-to-brew” system that grinds beans before the brewing process, a double-boiler system, and a low-volume burr grinder.

This product which sells at a medium range can save you a lot. Its burr grinder grinds beans fast and prepares them for brewing. The double boiler system ensures that coffee, milk and espresso will be done at the perfect temperature. Its advanced “cappuccino system” frother offers the creamiest cappuccino or latte. It comes with a cup warming tray to maintain warm coffee all the time.

8. Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino


This unit features the Aeroccino Plus milk frother and uses a one-touch preparation for hot or cold milk froth. It can hold 10 used capsules and has a removable 34-oz water tank. Capsules can be easily inserted or ejected by this espresso machine which has a compact brewing unit technology.

Fastest heating time is at 25 seconds in this 19-bar pressure pump unit which has an automatic power off feature that activates 9 minutes after using it. It has a pivoting cup tray that can accommodate even tall glasses. This unit belongs to the medium-price level.

7. KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Fully Automatic

The Krups Espresseria is a fully automatic espresso machine with a built-in conical burr grinder, a 60-oz water tank, and comes in black colored theme. Its beach camera exclusive package includes a nespresso pixie espresso maker and a Copco thermal travel mug. It owns a compact brewing unit technology that allows for easy ejection and insertion of capsules.

The unit heats up fast using just 30 seconds as it is fitted with a thermoblock heating element. It comes with a folding drip tray that can accommodate tall recipe glasses and it is automatic and programmable as well. This machine is not expensive as you think it is.

6. Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine


This classic espresso machine is sold at an affordable price and comes with a 72-oz detachable water tank. It is built with a stainless steel housing and measures 12 ¼” x 8” x 9 ½”. Its grouphead and portafilters are made of brass to ensure temperature stability.

It is equipped with a single and double shot stainless steel filter basket, measuring scoop, and a tamper. The package comes with a 17 ½ bar pump with high voltage boiler, a frothing wand and a hot water dispenser.

5. VonShef Premium Stainless Steel 1050W 15 Pump Espresso Coffee Maker Machine

This espresso maker comes cheap but the power it has is enormous. You can easily create a variety of standard coffee drinks in your kitchen like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, as well as macchiatos, hot chocolate, or mochas. Its powerful 15-bar pump produces delicious crème and flavorful coffee.

The unit comes with a built-in cup warming plate to ensure perfect temperature for the drinks. It uses no paper filters can accommodates 2 espresso cups at a time or a full-size cappuccino cup. It is equipped with a control dial to control steam, a detachable drip tray, and removable 1.5-liter water tank. All parts are dishwasher-safe.

4. La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine


The stylish La Pavoni machine is made to last and designed to provide a constantly perfect espresso. This steam pressure and piston-operated unit can produce 1 or 2 cups of espressos in one single operation. It has an automatic milk foamer, 2 stainless steel filter baskets, and a measuring spoon.

This model is perfect for home use with its hands-on lever and piston operation that’s able to create 8 cups of espresso (2-oz servings). It has a removable 20-oz water tank and steam wand allowing for easy thick, rich foam or heated milk for lattes and cappuccinos. It comes with a 1-year warranty and a demonstration video for newbies.

3. Philips Saeco HD8745/57 Chrome Espresso Machine

The Philips SAECO HD8745/57 chrome espresso machine produces delicious milk froth made possible by its pannarello steam wand and makes coffee without the common burned taste due to its 100% ceramic grinders. It has a memo function and controllable grinders that allows saving time for brewing.

This unit allows for easy cleaning and maintenance with its auto cleaning circuit and detachable brew group. It comes with a SAECO Descaling Liquid to protect its system from lime scale buildup that may happen overtime.

2. Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine


This silver Gaggia unit is not at all expensive and combines first class technology in a contemporary designed unit done in solid steel. It is fitted with a cobalt blue LCD display and has a 7-button menu setting and five temperature controls. It features a timer and a clock and equipped with 2 boilers that eliminate waiting time between brews or steaming.

Other features include: an automatic frothing attachment, a stainless steel turbo frother, an adjustable coffee strength bypass doser, and grind settings. This 60-oz unit answers the call of coffee lovers and future baristas worldwide.

* Recommended Option Under $1500 – 1. KRUPS EA8442 Falcon Fully Automatic Espresso Machine


The Krups EA8442 comes with a latte tray and a built-in conical burr grinder. It has a 58-oz capacity water tank and owns a compact thermoblock system with a 15-bar high-pressure pump. It features a colored touchscreen to make selecting temperature and settings easier and the big news is—it can accommodate various cup sizes.

Sold at a somewhat higher price, it is equipped with a removable coffee ground collector and a waste tank that has an integrated handle. This unit is able to deliver a unique blend of espresso whether at home or elsewhere.

Summing Up

This guide will definitely help you in sifting through the vast brands that offer espresso makers. Whatever it is you really want, there is only one thing you have to abide with and these are durability and functionality. Style and price should come last.

Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Are you a regular morning drinker of Starbucks or any other espresso? There’s a huge amount of people out there who spend thousands on daily espresso shots when simply purchasing an espresso machine will pay for itself many times over in just a few weeks. But what makes a top of the range espresso machine?

There are many elements involved in determining the best espresso machine and when you put those elements together you should not only get something that can deliver the perfect shot of espresso but also looks great in your kitchen, underneath is what look for when opting for the best espresso machine

1. Manual or automatic

Espresso makers can be either manual or automatic and depending on your budget you can find good machines on the market today. If you want to go for a completely automatic machine it will be a bit more expensive than the others.

The brewing process is an important part of making a good coffee and with espresso machines, the brewing happens at a very high pressure and the espresso shots are of high concentrate, but still it is said that the caffeine is less compared to other brewing styles. If you go for semi-automatic or manual espresso machines then it will take you some time to learn and achieve the exact consistency level.

2. Steam Driven or Pump Driven

You need to do your research when you are looking to buy an espresso maker for your home because there are two different kinds of machines. There is the steam driven kind and the pump driven kind and many of the real coffee connoisseurs say that there is a big difference between the both. And if we want to believe them the pump driven espresso makers are giving, although more expensive, the best quality.

3. Taste

The Taste of your espresso is the most important thing you would like to select your new espresso maker on, and this is also the hardest to try out. Taste is personal and most stores do not let you make a cup of espresso to see if you like it. So if you have friends, family or even coworkers who have their own espresso maker at home, invite yourself to their homes and try them out. In the real world, you should probably buy you new machine at a store where they have a good return policy.

4. Thermoblock or Boiler

Choices need to be made between a model with a thermoblock or a boiler. The boiler works like a kettle and boils the tank of water whereas the thermoblock passes the water over a heated metal block in a thin stream. This is thin enough to heat the water as it passes over and produces a stream of constant water almost instantaneously

5. Transparent cup container or not

A transparent water container is another nice feature to have as you can tell at a glance if the water needs topping up. You should check if it is easy to remove and fill the water container as this can be unwieldy when filled to the brim

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