Verismo vs Keurig: We Compare Features, Price & Quality

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Jul 07
Verismo vs Keurig

Verismo and Keurig are among the top contenders for the number one position for 1-cup brewing systems sold in the market these days. This is the main reason why we gathered some data to compare them so that consumers like you will know which one is better and which one can provide you with the performance you seek to have. Below are some essential information on the Verismo and Keurig brewing systems.

Starbucks Verismo vs Keurig

Best Features
Consumer Feedback
Price Level
What We Say About the Product
Keurig Uses its own K-cups to brew single-serve coffee, hot chocolate, or tea with a pressure-based brewing system that works using lesser time; simple and easy preparation; cups are cheaper when bought in bulkVery Good Somewhat Expensive 4.5 / 5
Verismo Heats up in 8 secs; machine is smaller and priced moderately; pods used for brewing costs moreGoodCheaper4.2 / 5

We compare the Keurig vs Verismo for quality and value, covering all the tops features so that you can make a decision on the best option for you.

Keurig Review

Keurig machines have their own K-cups for making single-serve coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. These plastic pods have foil lids pierced by needles while on the process of brewing. Keurig machines use pressure-based brewing processes and can create 1-cup servings in a few seconds.

Users can set the machine’s brewing settings unlike other brands and the machines are moderately-priced. These cups are sold for cheap and the price goes down as you increase the number of K-cups bought. It is therefore advisable to buy in bulk.

When it comes to pricing, Keurig’s K-cups wins over Verismo pods; a factor you have to consider when buying a brewing system if you want to use the machine for a long time. This makes you save on money from time to time.

A Keurig machine requires a periodic cleaning of 10 minutes maximum to keep it properly maintained and work perfectly for your brews. This makes it last for about 5 years. K-cups can maintain its freshness to a period of 18 months.

Coffee preparation is simple and easy for Keurig machines. You only have to fill in the water tank and insert the pod and start brewing. You won’t need coffee beans or filters but what it requires are compatible pods. It can turn on automatically at a pre-set time which users find very convenient.

If you want to judge the quality of brew in a coffee maker, then, you have to test it on the spot. Nonetheless, this brewer received high acclaim from its users as one of the leading machines capable of brewing a good cup of coffee. This machine belongs to the higher-end in terms of pricing but stays on the moderate level when it comes to convenience and quality.

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Verismo Review

The Starbucks Verismo may be small but comes with several highlighted features. It has an adjustable tray that comes with a removable riser which enables drip tray height adjustment. This feature allows for makes sure that smaller and taller cups are accommodated

The machine has a minimalist design wind desirable. It has four intuitive buttons which include one power button, and 3 buttons for each type of pod. The black button is for coffee, white is for milk, and the small button is for espresso. Its design works favorably for Starbucks aficionados as it can create Starbucks in espresso, coffee, latte, and other blends Starbucks is known for.

This machine heats up in 8 seconds for you to easily create your favourite blend. Making your coffee takes only 57 seconds, an espresso shot takes 13 seconds to make. Just add around 32 seconds and a milk-based drink, which requires the use of a milk pod, is ready for the taking.

Another outstanding feature of the Verismo is having an internal receptacle where you can stack used pods. This receptacle can store a maximum of 10 used pods. You need to clean and empty the bay, which has a narrow and concave shape, as it is hard to reach the farthest end with a sponge or a washcloth.

To make sure the brew is pure, it is advised that the inner parts of the machine is cleaned thoroughly between brews. To do this, you can run an espresso cycle without using a pod so that the machine can rinse itself.

The Verismo belongs to the moderately-priced brewing system category but would cost you more on the pods; more than what you will pay for K-cups. However, it suffers on temperature control department. It lacks visible temperature control and unable to accommodate a travel mug under its nozzle. The pods don’t have a variety as well.

With a huge variety of K-cups, the Keurig stands tall over the Verismo machine and is definitely a market leader when it comes to brewing equipment. Nevertheless, the Verismo produces better coffee quality that equals what baristas serve in commercial establishments. The Keurig is a good choice if you favor different types of brews at a lesser cost but when it comes to your love of Starbucks brews, the Verismo can take charge of that.

Comparing the two brewing systems can be a daunting process which requires careful investigation of features and drawbacks. It is best to take a look at the warranty as well to come up with the best decision; unless you are already eyeing to buy one of them.

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