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Jan 09

If you are one of those people who prefer to make a unique blend of coffee, then there is no other way to go than to use a coffee maker. To get more of that flavoring from coffee beans, some coffee makers have a built-in grinder which users can experiment for their desired taste. Making your own coffee at home gives you more room to be picky about choosing the type of coffee you like best and creating the perfect cup to your tastes every time you brew a pot. Since there are many coffee makers available, it can be quite difficult to choose whichever one is the better product. To help narrow down your choices, you must know what to look for in a coffee maker and not waste your money on features that you don’t really need.

Your buying guide

Overall capacity of the coffee maker. If there are many people who want to drink your coffee in the morning, then you might choose a coffee maker that has a bigger capacity so you can serve a lot in just one brew. In some situations, being able to make a pot of coffee that produces 4-10 cups is much more convenient than dealing with making just one cup.

Cost. A coffee maker with a grinder is relatively more expensive, so you really need to be prepared for some added expenses. If you want, you can just look for a unit that is within your budget. However, it will lack a few of the bells and whistles that more expensive models have. Always keep in mind not settle on something you don’t really want, otherwise, you may find yourself back at the coffee shop every day.

Brewing duration. Another consideration to think about is buying a coffee maker that will automatically brew a pot of coffee at a specific time that you want. There are many models of coffee makers out there that are programmable to brew a pot and have it waiting for you when you wake up. Of course, those same models may be more expensive than others, but it is something to consider for some convenience.

Extra features. Add-on features on the coffee maker you are planning to buy matter. Depending on what you like in your usual cup of coffee, some of these might be worth keeping an eye out for while you’re shopping around. These features are programmable settings, auto shutoff function, multiple warmers, steamer and a water filter. Now, to help narrow down your choices, here are the best grind and brew coffee makers you can get today.

Best Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

7. Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

The Capresso 464.05 is the first coffee maker and grinder combination machine with a burr grinder and Direct Feed Technology. It features a fully programmable 10-cup coffee maker with a built-in conical burr grinder, digital control panel, 5 grind settings from coarse to fine, 5 brew amounts, 6-ounce bean container with adjustable strength, clock, timer, and brew-pause function. Direct-feed technology accommodates a more compact design while keeping moisture away from the grinder. Finally, a 2 Hour safety shut-off will keep the coffee hot for two hours after brewing.

6. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

Brew any size, without compromise on taste with this awesome coffee maker. It features precision machined stainless steel burrs and “Steep and Release” technology. This machine grinds and brews directly into the cup, travel mug, or carafe. The burr grinder also features 6 distinct settings to allow users to get the optimal grind for brewing. Breville’s Grind Control is the first household coffee maker with an adjustable grinder and calibration function that not only allows you to grind before you brew, you can also customize the grind size and coffee volume to suit your taste.

5. Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

A perfect addition to any modern kitchen, this 12-cup automatic coffeemaker grinds whole beans right before brewing to produce a fresh and flavorful pot of coffee. It features a 24-hour full programmability means the unit can be set for “wake-up” coffee or for having coffee ready when it’s time to serve dessert without having to get up from the table. In addition, its brew-pause function makes it possible to sneak a cup before the end of the brewing cycle.

4. Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker With Built In Grinder

The Gourmia GCM4500 is a state of the art coffee grinder and brewer to deliver the freshest, tastiest coffee. Grind your own beans or use pre-ground for a delicious cup of fresh brew. Now you can start enjoying a delicious, piping hot mug of coffee in no time. Its removable grinder and brewing chamber can be washed in the sink for easy clean. There is also a program button that allows you to easily control when your coffee brews.

3. Black & Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

The Black and Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffeemaker turns your favorite whole beans into a satisfying cup that’s as strong or as mild as you want it. Its Duralife carafe holds up to 12 cups and the clear-view window makes it easy to see how much water is in the machine. The QuickTouch programming panel includes controls for brew strength, time settings, and an auto brew feature that lets you wake up to fresh coffee every morning.

2. Kenmore Elite Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder and Brewer

With the Kenmore Elite, you can make every moment a unique brew into your waiting cup time after satisfying time.  It features a conical burr grinder that expertly grinds beans to your taste from coarse to finely ground and releases the full spectrum of complex aromas and flavors in a fresh, delicious brew. Wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee, fully programmable and digitally controlled, so you can set it to wake up to the smell and taste of rich, robust coffee.

1. KRUPS KM7005 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder

The Krups KM700 Grind and Brew coffee maker can take out the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. It features a steel conical burr grinder that is recognized by coffee connoisseurs as the best method of preparing whole beans. This coffee maker also includes the ability to set three levels of coffee strength, the number of cups desired and the aroma function so that you have the utmost level of control.

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