Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine Review

By Paul Carabis | Gaggia

Aug 25

When you hear Gaggia, you will associate it with quality and class. The brand got its name from Achille Gaggia when he patented the first electric pump driven system and the Gaggia espresso machines you see today bear his passion and motivation towards coffee.

Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine Review

The Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso is no different from its counterparts, when you buy a Gaggia 1230 Baby Class what you get is a beautiful and high-grade espresso machine suitable for your home.

A semi-automatic pump espresso machine, the Gaggia Baby Class has all the high quality components like the other higher-end models from Gaggia yet offering a perfect balance between performance and style.

Use ground coffee and it comes with coffee scoop and coffee tamper. It is also able to brew ESE pods which are pre-package, pre-measured and pre-tamped pods hence doing away with grinding or tamping.

Milk Frother:
Comes with built in turbo frother so you can steam or froth your milk in seconds. It also works as a hot water dispenser. The steam wand is mounted on a ball joint to accommodate milk jugs of various sizes.

Hot Water:
High voltage allows water to get to the right temperature fast.

Pressure Power:
15 bars of pressure with a commercial style heavy portafilter (58mm) works together to produce that perfect espresso.

Boiler Size:
Single boiler.

Wait Time for Brewing:
You can brew two cups at the same time due to its solenoid-operated three-way dispensing valve.

Removable Tank:
Located at the back of the unit, you can remove for easy filling and cleaning or you can easier refill water in its place.

Tank capacity:
60 ounce (1.75 liters) water tank means you can make multiple espresso shots for the whole family all day long.

Body Main Materials:
Stainless steel and brass construction that is chic and durable.

Dimensions and Weight:
10.4 x 9.6 x 15.7 inches and weighs 10 pounds.

2-year limited warranty from Gaggia.

Indicator Lights:
The Gaggia 12300 Baby Class has a straightforward panel featuring 2 buttons and 2 indicator lights. The power stitch is located at the back of the unit.

Comes with instruction manual, coffee scoop, plastic tamper, single, double and ESE pod filter baskets.

Additional Features:

  • There is cup warmer tray that is passively heated by the boiler.
  • A drip tray that is removable to make it easier for cleaning.
  • A dedicated hot water outlet.
  • The three-way solenoid valve relieves pressure from the portafilter giving a drier espresso puck for easier disposal.


The price of the Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine cost around $320 on Amazon with free shipping within US.

Overview of what customers are saying:

On Amazon, ESE wrote, “Gaggia, that’s my baby”

ESE said the Gaggia makes cappuccino really fast as the machine warms up fast and it takes a few seconds to froth the milk. As for espresso extraction, the Gaggia makes beautiful crema.

Also on Amazon, Anthony Tortolani wrote, “Best Machine ever!!”

Anthony Tortolani bought this Baby Class for his vacation home and this is actually his third espresso machine from Gaggia. He claims if you like Italian espresso, this is the machine to get.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (42 reviews)

If you are thinking of buying a Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine, you can also consider these espresso machines:

  1. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Silvia Espresso Machine:
  • Build to last, using the same commercial grade portafilters.
  • Cost: Around $700
  1. Gaggia12500 Baby Twin Espresso Machine with Dual Heating System:
  • Another best seller in the Gaggia range due to its commercial grade quality and high performance. The Baby Twin is slightly more expensive as it is an upgraded version of the Baby Class. It has a dual heating system which means you can go from espresso extraction to milk frothing without any wait time.
  • Cost: Around $415
  1. Capresso05 EC PRO Espresso and Cappuccino Machine:
  • Has an advanced pump boiler system and two filter choices makes this unit an ideal machine for brewing cafe quality espresso.
  • Cost: Around $250

With so many features and functions packed into such a small machine, Gaggia 12300 Baby Class is certainly not cheap, but it is a worthwhile investment and it will only pays back for itself in due time. The unit is beautiful, reliable and easy to maintain. If you are serious about your coffee,  you need to buy it.

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