Best Espresso Machine Under $2000 (Some Under $1500!)

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Jan 23
Espresso machines at home gives you plenty of benefits.

There are many espresso machines available on the market today. This proves how coffee is well-loved by people all over the world. Espresso machines come in various features, from the very simple ones to the utterly exotic. Having your own machine at home will give you plenty of benefits, including saving more money because there is no need to visit cafes every day. This buying guide will help you choose the top espresso machine under $2000.

Best Espresso Machine Under $2000

Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL

Why we chose this:

  1. Simultaneous action capability
  2. Has temperature control technology
  3. Has more positive reviews than any other in this category

Top Rated Espresso Machines Under $2000

Note  – Some machines are available for less than $1500.

Product NameFinest FeaturesUser FeedbackExpected Price LevelOur Rating
Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Super-Automatic Espresso MachineAdjustable telescopic coffee dispenser that accommodates a wide variety of cup sizes; programmable coffee quantity - from 7 to 10-cup; equipped with ceramic burr grinder with integrated bean hopper and double lid aroma saverVery GoodHigh4 / 5
Jura ENA 9 One Touch Espresso Machine One touch makes 6 different products; Thermoblock heating system with high performance 15-bar pump; Fine foam technology with height adjustable spoutVery GoodMid-range 4.5 / 5
Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine < click to view at Amazon.comHas 2 stainless steel boilers and 2 Italian pumps for simultaneous espresso extraction and steaming; electronic PID temperature control with Over-Pressure Valve to limit extraction pressure; equipped with backlit LCD displays brew temperature, shot clock or timeExcellentMid-range 4.6 / 5 - Our Top Rated Option
SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia One touch cappuccino machine pre-brews to enhance flavor; with adjustable coffee strength and temperature; integrated automatic milk function with Easy RefillVery GoodMid-range 4.3 / 5
Scultura Pump Espresso 2-nozzled classic design to match kitchen interiors; features built-in bar pump for thick crema and rich espresso; comes with warming plate to keep cup warm for longer timeVery GoodLow4.2 / 5

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

The Accademia has two separate stainless steel boilers for steaming and brewing, and work without any downtime. The ceramic grinder can make eight fine coffee grounds for the different brewing processes, including espresso. The 12.3-ounce hopper comes with a seal to keep the coffee fresh for a longer time.

This machine also allows customization for your desired amount of coffee, pre-infusion time, strength, temperature, volume, and milk frothing. You can adjust the brew spout’s height up to 6.5 inches to accommodate the size of your cup. This is one of the best features of this espresso machine, since people have been complaining about not being able to adjust the brew spout.

Jura ENA 9 One Touch Espresso Machine

The Jura ENA espresso machine looks elegantly simple in the form of a compact super-automatic design. You can make six different kinds of brewed coffee, with or without milk, with only the touch of a button. The coffee grinder is integrated into the machine, with a capacity of 4.4 ounces and five grinding settings.

Another notable feature is its by-pass doser, so you can attend to the different preferences of your guests or family. The machine also has volume and strength controls, milk frothing function, removable water reservoir, adjustable brew spout height, removable container and tray, and an energy saving mode.

Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL

This Breville espresso machine is another dual-boiler espresso machine that is aesthetically pleasing for your home kitchen and has a size that could fit the standard countertop. The machine sits on retracted wheels, which you can lock by using the lever under the drip tray. Descaling is also easy with this one. Simply loosen the two screws at the lower right of the front panel to drain the boilers into the tray. You can monitor and adjust the settings through the digital display, so you can create your perfect brew in no time.

SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia

The Philips Intellia SAECO super-automatic espresso machine allows you to create the best brew with just the touch of the button. Since the entire brewing process is automatic, you only need to sit back and relax as you wait for your cup of espresso. This machine is also easy to clean and maintain. The parts are dish washer safe.

Another feature to note is its ceramic grinders that ensure a high quality espresso shot without the burnt taste. The materials are also durable, so you are assured to have that perfect brew every day for a long time.

Scultura Pump Espresso

Delonghi’s Scultura machine has a classic design that could match your kitchen interiors. It features a built-in bar pump for that thick crema and rich espresso. The device has two nozzles that allow you to make one or two cups at a time. On its right side is the built-in steaming want that forces air and steam into the milk to create the perfect foam for your latte or cappuccino. One of the best features of this machine would be the warming plate to keep your cup warm for longer.

Important Features to Look For

The search for the best espresso machine can be a daunting task. Before you head out, you need to know the important features to look for in a high quality espresso machine. There are basically two types of espresso machines: pump- and steam-driven.

  • Steam-driven machines

The first espresso machines used steam pressure, and they still exist today. This type of machine forces water through the coffee grounds to make espresso. Some models can even produce crema or foam, but they cannot generate enough pressure and temperature needed for that perfect brew. Steam-driven espresso machines, however, cost less than the pump-driven ones.

  • Pump-driven machines

These espresso machines use electric pump, instead of steam pressure to force water through the coffee grounds. This is ideal for people who want to make the best espresso, but could cost more than steam-driven models. Pump-driven espresso machines have two categories: semi-automatic and super-automatic.

Semi-automatic machines are perfect for the espresso connoisseur. If you are the type of person who wants the best quality espresso and does not mind spending more time and effort, then this is the machine for you. It requires more work, but the key is to have more control of the machine to create the real espresso.

If you are the busy type and would like a highly-customized brew, then the super-automatic machine could be your best bet. You will have to give up some of the control over the final product, but this machine could do all the work for your desired espresso shot. Super-automatic espresso machines are perfect for people who want espresso-on-the-go or who want convenience more than control.

Now that you know the basics, it is time to get to know some of the best espresso machines under 2000.

The list below will help you narrow down your choices, so you can finally go out there and purchase your very own espresso machine.

Espresso Machine Buying

Choosing the right espresso machine for you and your needs can be a little tricky since every machine has a lot features and functions that can be a point of comparison from other machines. And since more and more people need great coffee to get them pumped for the whole day, having an espresso machine is both a pretty good investment and an opportunity.

Before buying an Espresso Machine, there are basic factors to consider.

Factors to consider when buying an Espresso Machine

1. Pump driven or Steam Driven

Pump Driven is the higher-end and more expensive type of machine as the water is heated to the exact temperature for the grinds to be forced through it by an internal pump. And the force applied here is more intense than that of the steam driven types. Water tank of a pump driven machine can be refilled at any time for unlimited espresso amount produced. And these types of machines are the only machine types that can produce crema.

While Steam Driven machines are just in the reasonable price range, unlike the pump driven. These machines boil the water first before forcing the grinds through it by steam pressure. And since it only relies on the steam pressure, the espresso it produces is not as full-flavored as the ones produced by pump driven machines. Also, these machines can only produce one carafe at a time, which causes non-continuous brewing cycles for it needs short breaks between brew times.

2. Espresso Machine Categories

There are four categories in which espresso machines lay on, these are: Manual, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic and Super Automatic.

The manual machines are the very old ones that doesn’t have crank start mechanism or chokes. These manual machines are no longer recommended to use commercially, but is fun to use by expert home baristas or for displays.

Semi-automatic machine allows operators to turn the pump on and off whenever they want and have boiler temperature control that is automated. And all though this seems only a bit ahead of the manual machines, this category of espresso machine is considered the traditionally used kind.

A fully automatic machine is really just like the semi-automatic machine, the only difference is it has regulator that controls the amount of water that passes through the espresso.

Super automatic machine has everything, including built-in grinder, and can produce the famous “caffe crema”.

3. Ease of machine use and maintenance

Just like any other machines and gadgets, it is important that you buy an espresso machine that you can easily understand in terms of its controls, its process and features. So when you pass the details about it to another operator, you can give the instructions clearly.

The level of maintenance is also relevant in picking out your machine. You should know how to maintain its cleanliness and the things that should be done in periods of time like replacing lids. After acquiring a machine, you should set a routine maintenance so it is kept clean and well operating; to also avoid damages and machine problems that can cost a lot.

The factors mentioned could be the parameters you need to remember when purchasing the right espresso for you; so keep them in mind to save time and avoid confusions.

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